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MEDSPA will arrange your medical treatment or check-up in leading clinics in Germany.

Schöneberg Clinic

Schöneberg Clinic has been evidence of successful and first-class care that is in harmony with humanity and individuality for decades. Every year the clinic welcomes more than 25,000 outpatient and approx. 4,000 inpatient guests. The Schöneberg Clinic provides the necessary premises and the necessary specialist staff for outpatient and inpatient treatment.

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European Prevention Center

The European Prevention Center (EPC), founded by Prof. Nixdorff, provides medical check-up programs combining modern non-invasive diagnostics with lifestyle coaching by preventive medicine experts.

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Bundeswehrkrankenhaus Berlin

Government-military hospital Berlin (Bundeswehrkrankenhaus Berlin) offers its patients medical care at the highest level. Neurosurgery, neurology, orthopedics, gastroenterology, ear, nose and throat, vascular medicine are part of the main medical fields being treated in hospital.

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IBBZ Klinik Hygiea International

IBBZ Klinik Hygiea International is an interdisciplinary treatment center where we take a holistic approach in treating diseases and disorders of the pelvic floor and the pelvic organs. In addition to the medical expertise provided by the Urogynecology, Urology, Coloproctology, Physical Therapy, Gastroenterology and Neurology departments, our medical experts in Nutritional Counseling and Sexual Medicine ensure our thoroughly holistic treatment concept.

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University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE)

University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) is the largest among Hamburg's hospitals with around 80,000 in-patients being treated each year there. Like most university hospitals, the UKE offers a complete range of treatment options for patients. At the same time, the UKE is known for its extensive R&D and applying new approaches for diagnosis and therapy.

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Avicenna Clinic

Avicenna Clinic was founded in 2001 and is a member of the American Hospital Association. Avicenna Clinic has specialised in spine problems: inetrvertebral disc wear and tear, prolapsed intervertebral disc, chronic pain, facet joint syndrome, Iliosacral joint disfunction, spinal instability, myelopathy, recurrent disc prolapsed, spinal canal stenosis, tailbone pain, syrigomyelia, tumours, vertebral fracture, spondylolisthesis; joint conditions: ligament strain/ligament tear, joint fractures, impingement syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, cartilage damage, tendon injuries, osteoarthritis and neurosurgical conditions: brain t ...

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Kalden Clinic / Medical Centre Mommsenstraße

Kalden Clinic / Medical Centre Mommsenstraße At Kalden Clinic our philosophy is one of ‘biological medicine’, combining traditional and holistic approaches for management of cancer and other chronic diseases. We believe that good health results from the natural balance of elements in the human body. At Kalden Clinic, we have used our 28 years of experience in traditional and holistic cancer treatment to develop a widespread diagnostic and treatment programs (including Contact Regulation Thermography, BE-T analysis, and immune system bloodtesting).

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Krankenhaus Waldfriede

Krankenhaus Waldfriede is an academic teaching hospital of the Charité – University Berlin with an almost 90-year tradition of providing state-of-the art health care. It is a member of the WHO International Network of Health Promoting Hospitals and a co-operation partner of the Florida Hospital Adventist Health System in Orlando, Florida, USA.

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International Neuroscience Institute (INI) Hannover

The neurosurgical outpatient clinic of the INI – International Neuroscience Institute® Hanover provides multidisciplinary treatments as part of the holistic concept of the INI – International Neuroscience Institute® Hanover

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Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin

As Europe’s largest university hospital, Charité Berlin offers a comprehensive treatment spectrum at the forefront of medical care. Charité Berlin also takes care of patients with complex medical problems.The pediatrics spectrum at Charité also includes therapy for rare diseases and is unique in Germany for its degree of specialization.

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