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Medical Treatment

Founded in 2001, Avicenna Clinic specializes in treatment of brain, spine and joints diseases. The clinic offers a treatment concept that reflects the very latest findings in medicine.

The clinic treats, among others, the following conditions:

  • spine problems: inetrvertebral disc wear and tear, prolapsed intervertebral disc, chronic pain, facet joint syndrome, Iliosacral joint disfunction, spinal instability, myelopathy, recurrent (repeated) disc prolapsed, spinal canal stenosis, tailbone pain (coccydynia), syrigomyelia, tumours, vertebral fracture, spondylolisthesis.
  • joint conditions: ligament strain/ligament tear, joint fractures, impingement syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, cartilage damage, tendon injuries, osteoarthritis.
  • neurosurgical conditions: brain tumours, metastases, angiomas, meningioma, brain aneurisms, cysts

The clinic has specialized in:

  • spinal pain treatment through injections and infiltrations, spinal cord stimulation (pain pacemakers), denervation
  • spinal microsurgery: kyphoplasty, fixation, vertebral body replacement
  • intervertebral disc replacements: prosthetic discs, disc cultivation
  • joint therapies and surgery: arthroscopy, joint replacement, hand and foot surgery, tendon suture, cartilage transplantation, osteosynthesis, corrective osteotomy, joint stiffening
  • neurosurgery: microsurgery, clipping, shunts
  • migraine treatment: peripheral neurostimulation (PNS).

Medical treatments are provided by:
1. Neurosurgery and Spinal surgery with Dr. Munther Sabarini M.D.
2. Orthopedics / Trauma surgery, Joint surgery with Dr. Guido Wohlgemuth M.D. and Dr. Veljko Sakoman M.D.

Avicenna clinic has wide experience with international patients and respects their personal and cultural preferences, customs and religion. Avicenna Clinic is a member of the American Hospital Association. It also partners with clinics in the UK and the USA.

For arranging appointments about spine, joint оr neurosurgical conditions, please contact:
Cell phone: +49 1725842505

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