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Doctors team - Germany

Dr Michael Kalden MD

Dr. Michael Kalden MD is founder and president of the “Gesellschaft Biologische Medizin e. V.” (Society of Biological Treatment), Owner of Kalden Clinic,Chief Scientific Director atEidam Diagnostics for the development of a new generation of CRT (Contact Regulation Thermography).

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Dr Guido Wohlgemuth MD

Dr. Guido Wohlgemuth is an orthopedic surgeon with 15 years of experience in knee / hip replacement, arthroscopic knee surgeries, including reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament, complex arthroscopic shoulder joint surgeries, lower limb surgeries. He has done over 11,000 orthopedic surgeries.

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Prof. Dr Uwe Nixdorff MD, Internist, Cardiologist and Sports medicine expert

Prof. Dr Uwe Nixdorff MD, Founder and CEO of the European Prevention Center - EPC, is a renowned preventive medicine specialist. He is author of the book‘Check-Up Medicine. Avoiding the desease – recommendations for the practice’.

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Dr Winfried Schönegg MD

Dr Winfried Schönegg is a leading German specialist in breast cancer oncology and cosmetic breast surgery with over 30 years of experience in the field. He is Senior Consultant in the Breast Unit of Martin Luther Krankenhaus, Berlin Wilmersdorf and Senior breast surgeon private clinic Hygiea.

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