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Slobodan, Laser prostate surgery



On 29/11/2023 I contacted Laser Med Sofija. They scheduled an examination for 05/12/2023 and laser prostate surgery was performed on the same day. Before the procedure, I took an antibiotic for two days as recommended by the urologist. The operation lasted 40 minutes. Painless non-invasive method, you feel as if nothing happened, except that they inserted a catheter that I only had for three days, from Tuesday afternoon to Friday morning. Everyone must follow the post-operative advice of their urologist, which lasts for 6 weeks. Thank you Dr. Kalcev and Dr. Kefilev. For me, top urologists.

Loizos Partasis, BPH laser surgery



I would strongly recommend this clinic! The overall treatment for prostate at Laser Medical Centre with Dr Kalchev and Dr Kefilev was the best treatment I had in my whole life. I suffered with very enlarged prostate for 7 years in the UK with 6 years of catheterisation plus constant UTI that was treated with antibiotics that never worked. My life was all this time very uncomfortable. Fortunately, I found this clinic in Bulgaria through the internet and changed my whole life in 2 days. I came to Sofia they received me at the airport arranged a hotel for me next day I had all tests done and the following day I had the operation done in less than 2 days I was relieved from my constant suffering for so many years from the NHS. Apart from the medical team the staff is so helpful they arrange all the transport for you and the essential part they very human and fantastically organised very fast and very efficient. But what struck me most is their humanity, and I would like to thank so much Dr Kalchev and his team. I would strongly recommend this clinic especially for those with very enlarged prostate with Thulium laser resetting of the prostate. Many many thanks Loizos.

Ana and Luis, IVF



We have no words to thank all the professionalism, commitment and dedication of the hospital team. A special thanks to Dr. Stemanov and Iva from Medspa, who was tireless in monitoring the whole process! without them, we would not have, at this moment, a beautiful and healthy prince in our arms and our dream would not have come true! A big thank you for your work and for making miracles happen! we will be forever grateful!

Patrick, Thulium Laser Prostate Surgery



I had a prostate operation via Thulium Laser performed on me in November of 2018 by Dr. Kalchev and Dr. Kefilev. The surgery was quickly and efficiently organized through MedSpa, and I give the latter a lot of credit for their effective and friendly logistical support, including preparing all the necessary documentation for insurance purposes. I was also very happy with the two doctors, from the initial consultation prior to the surgery, to my walking into the operating room, post-operating treatment and finally to my second consultation several days after the surgery. At all times, I felt like I was in the hands of experts, who on top of that, showed a very human touch and professionalism when treating me. I also have only good things to say about the care I got at the hospital where the operation was performed and where I staid overnight, be it from the anesthesiologist to the nurses on night watch. I would recommend Dr. Kalchev and Dr. Kefilev to any man who finds himself in the same situation than I was, that is: With a large enlarged prostate, acute urinary retention due to several years of BPH and the impossibility to continue on using medicines as an option. Add to that that those two doctors use one of the latest Thulium Laser equipment, with ThuLEP being at the top of non-invasive BPH-treatment operating technology now-days. Some other important things: Both doctors gave me their phone numbers while staying in Sofia and recouping, just in case I wanted to contact them for anything. And if you a non-Bulgarian speaker, you can easily communicate with them in either English or French (as it was my case).

Tatyana, 35 yrs, IVF



My attempts at getting pregnant the normal way were unsuccessful in 2011, 2012, and 2013. Then I underwent treatments at various hospitals, and tried to become pregnant again in 2016. No luck. At a hospital in Kiev in February 2016 I was recommended to undergo an IVF procedure. I did some shopping around, my initial search generated five prospective clinics, one in Ukraine, two in Israel, and two in Bulgaria. My choice was overwhelmingly in favor of MEDSPA and Nadezhda clinic. The customer service at Nadezhda is reasonable, but language barrier is sometimes an issue. All this is resolved and enhanced by MEDSPA service. With MEDSPA the visit to the clinic becomes almost a worry free adventure. In particular, Iva is the person who gets things resolved. The person in charge of the whole process at Nadezhda clinic is Dr Stamenov. He is a nice person, and a very good doctor with very precise medical judgment and excellent bedside manners. He also speaks English and Russian very well. Dr. Stamenov operated on me in August 2016, and he was also in charge of the first IVF attempt (short protocol) in August&December 2016, and the second IVF attempt (long protocol) in May&June 2017, and he did the first transfer in December 2016. The first attempt did not work. The second IVF attempt was managed by Dr. Stamenov but the transfer was performed in June 2017 by Dr. Tihomirova because Dr. Stamenov was away. Dr. Tihomirova is very good, she is a thorough and skilled doctor with outstanding bedside manners. Other very good doctors I routinely dealt with at Nadezhda hospital are Dr. Petrova and Dr. Heder. Many thanks to them, they offer the highest quality medical attention. In addition to Iva, I also got a lot of help from MEDSPA's Julia and Neya. Many thanks to both of them. Also, many thanks to the lab people who did PGS. After the second transfer, home-based pregnancy tests would produce negative results every single day. Then, on July 10, 2017 I did the blood pregnancy test and several hours later got an email from the lab with a positive result. An ultrasound scan confirmed pregnancy on July 17, 2017. Heartbeat was confirmed on August 2, 2017. The first trimester is officially over on September 2, 2017. MEDSPA keeps doing their excellent follow up. So far, things are going very well. I very enthusiastically recommend this clinic.

Denitsa, 42 yrs, USA, IVF



I can't thank enough Iva and Dr Stamenov about what they did for me and my husband. After a few years of trying to get pregnant on our own, we ended up with a miscarriage in 2014, which took a toll on us for quite some time. We decided to look for help and mainly answers to the thousands of questions we had. We met with an infertility specialist here in the US and they did tons of testing on both me and my husband. IVF was our best option. Unfortunately, my insurance refused to cover the IVF procedure as we couldn’t check all boxes per their approval procedure. We couldn’t afford the out-of-pocket cost so we started looking into other alternatives. I’m Bulgarian so naturally Bulgaria was a logical choice. Nadezda clinic was immediately recommended by a friend of mine, who just had given birth to twin boys thanks to the magic done by one of the doctors there. Without hesitation, I gave Iva a call on the phone and despite the time difference, she picked it up and briefly explained the process to me. She followed up with a very detailed email and we continued communicating for several months. I sent all test results to Dr Stamenov so he can get a good understanding of our situation. Iva is not only the nicest person on earth but she is also super knowledgeable, and was able to quickly make recommendations that were spot on and made it possible for us to succeed with our planning. After almost 8 months of planning, we made it to Sofia in September and had our first IVF cycle. Iva sent the meds I needed in advance via DHL and always provided detailed instructions, videos and all kind of helpful advice. She was very attentive and super organized, booked all test appointments in advance, followed up with either phone calls or emails daily to keep me in the loop and encourage me to try to have some fun while waiting for the procedure. Unfortunately, our first cycle was unsuccessful. We took some time off to better prepare for the next one. After 6 months, I was at the clinic again for a frozen embryo transfer and Iva was there with me. I can’t be happier with the results – I’m at the end of my first trimester now and can’t wait to see what the future has for us. Iva and Julia were exceptional! Their help and moral support were priceless … Both trips to Sofia were easy and breezy thanks to these ladies. They took care of everything. Iva was even doing us personal favors, such as shipping refills of the prescribed meds, and checking test results with the lab after we returned to the US. Can’t praise her enough! Thank you, Iva, for all you did for us! For those of you who are still debating whether Nadezda clinic is the right choice, I can highly recommend the Medspa team and the magicians at Nadezda. You are in very good hands!

Despina-Oana Sofronie, 53 years old, Bucharest, pregnant from first attempt



My name is Despina-Oana Sofronie, Bucharest, 53 years old, pregnant from first attempt at Medspa Nadezdha Clinic. The treatment was excellent ! Mr. Dr. Stamenov prescribed me treatment based on progesterone and estradiol, and was excellent to keep this treatment. No headaches, no physical problems, no secondary effects. I was felt great, optimistic and confident. At this state of mind the support of Team of clinic and consult at Mr. Dr. Stamenov were essentially. Now, I'm in 18 weeks, and the support of the Team is continuing. Before came to Medspa Nadezdha Clinic, I stayed on forums and saw others patients opinions, learning from their experiences, and called on other clinics from the world: Greece, Spain, Italy, UK, Portugal, Ukraine, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, India. Bulgaria was on my list, but first I was looked for price maximum 4500 euro, because I was afraid to make a such credit. After all calls, I was still undecided. So, one day I said:" before made a decision, I must call in Bulgaria at Nadezdha, to find out how it is procedure. Nadezdha in romanian is nadejde, which is mean hope. " So, I called in the morning. Mrs. Iva Stoychova answered to me, and said that she will send to me in that day, on mail, all about clinic and procedures. I was waiting in the afternoon, evening, and. mail. At 23.55 in midnight, I received the mail from Mrs. Iva. In that moment I decided at once" this is my clinic were I'll go". Mrs. Iva was after a full day, tooking care about patients, and made efforts to sent me all materials necessary for me to know about procedures and treatment, and also to kept she's promise to me to sent all during that day. Without fear I gone at bank at did credit, and I start my mails with Mrs. Iva. From the first consult, i saw thsat Mr. Dr. Stamenov is a very professional Doctor, and warm and respectful person. Usually, I'm afraid of doctors, but Mr. Dr. Stamenov gave me confidence and courage. And a very important aspect: listen Mr. Dr. Stamenov opinion. Before embryo transfer, I was adviced to accept one embryo, not two as I wished. But, because I was insisted, two embryos were transferred. Unfortunately, in week 8 I lost one of the twins. .. I was very very said, but I started to feel better with one kid instead of two. My body couldn't carrying twins. .. At next consultation, I expressed my regrets to Mr. Dr. Stamenov that I didn't followed His opinion: Now, I'm in 18 weeks, happy with my kid, and have continue support from Mr . Dr. Stamenov, Mrs. Iva Stoychova and Team. I'm impatient to return at Nadezdha, were is a warm and carrying atmosphere. I'll do as soon as kid will be able to travel.

Ann, 39 yrs, UK, IVF



This is my story of successfully conceiving again with the help of Nadezhda clinic and Medspa team. We had one playful girl who was desperate for a brother or sister; it’s also good to have the support of a sibling through your life, right? So, we put lot’s of efforts to have a second child naturally, but all was in vain. After a year and a half I found out that my left tube was blocked and on top of that my right ovary was not functioning well. My doctor thought the laparoscopy might help but unblocking the tube didn’t bring any success. I was recommended to try IVF, but surprise - it turned out I was not young enough and moreover, had already a child, so hardly had chances for NHS funding. On the other hand, exploring the private health options we realized we couldn’t afford in vitro at home. Waiting time was also too long, many months even for a first consultation. So, I started talking to friends and browsing the Internet to find other options abroad. A friend of mine is Bulgarian, so she recommended a clinic in Sofia where another friend of hers had successfully conceived. For international clients the clinic cooperated with a medical tourism facilitator - Medspa. Medspa guys were very positive and friendly and our communication was pretty fast. In no time they scheduled an initial consultation for us at Nadezhda clinic. From landing in Sofia Julia from Medspa became our faerie, being with us at all the consultations at the clinic, showing us the sunny Sofia city and meeting all our wishes with a magic stick. She arranged massage for us, a trip to the beautiful Rila monastery, gave us shopping tips and advised where to go out. From Medspa we even received a phone with a local SIM to stay in touch with our doctor. Dr. Stamenov and his team were absolutely perfect. Being quite busy with all the patients at the clinic, he shared with us enough of his time, care and enthusiasm. I felt really confident that we’d be lucky there and actually my IVF was successful! I’m waiting for my child now with so much love! Let me express my great thank you to all my Nadezhda and Medspa friends!

Amanda, Ireland, IVF with donor eggs



7 weeks pregnant with twins!!!!! this was our 1st DE IVF after years of unsuccessful OE IVF. With own egg ivf the process is long, exhausting and stressful. This was the complete opposite....Treatment was quick, efficient, with no messing about!!! Medications seemed minimal and no egg collection so my body was relaxed and rested before t/f. Stress free from start to finish :) The clinic is modern, clean, and feels very advanced. The girls from MEDSPA, especially Iva and vesala made our treatment stress free and easy!..... I only have praise for their whole setup.... Ivf is normally such a stressful time.... I can honestly say this whole experience has been enjoyable!!!.... And that's mainly down to these girls! .... And then to top it off we get home and a few days later get our positive pregnancy test!!! Just amazing :)

Svetla, Italy, IVF



I am very grateful to Dr.Stamenov that bring hope back in our lives. My husband and I had very negative experiences, trying to have children. Every time when I was pregnant in the last five years, I have lost it in a few weeks. We looked for help of the Italian doctors and specialized hospitals, but all that they could do was to tell us to keep trying in a natural way until we have a positive result or to give up the idea to have children. At our insistence to be focused on assisted reproduction we have been told that we have no chance of success but if we insist to spend our money even though, we can try. From my friends in Bulgaria, I've hear that there I can try to get visited by Dr.Stamenov, the best specialist in the field of assisted reproduction. My first contact with the clinic was through Internet. Iva from MEDSPA immediately reply to my email. It was very helpful, gave us with all kind of information, dispel all our doubts. She and the girls from MEDSPA helped us to fixed a visit to Dr.Stamenov, to arrange your arrival in Bulgaria and stay in Sofia, accompanied us during our visits Nadejda hospital and had have to us a kind word and helpfull advice at any time. Girls you are great! Dr.Stamenov, I have no words to thank him, was very kind and professional. Ever since our first visit with him we have hade our lost hope back. He said that can't promised certain sucsess from the first try, but we are absolutely not without a chance to have a child, as we have been told in Italy. The entire staff of the clinic was very polite, super professional and efficient in their work. The clinic is quite new, but very well organised. There they have made us a kind of examinations which we had not heard in Italy. And surely very helpful was that Dr.Stamenov and his stuff, the girls from MEDSPA, and the entire staff of the Nadejda hospital was so confidence and taking care of us all the time. Our first visit to the clinic was in November, at the beginning of March I was pregnant. I am now 14 weeks pregnant and the pregnancy is progressing well.

Jeri, USA, IVF



My husband and I have been trying to conceive since we were married in August of 2010. I had to have two surgeries just to try to get pregnant because of Fibroids, etc. I tried 5 or 6 IUI cycles in the US with no luck at a highly respected and successful clinic with no results. I wanted to do IVF there but the cost was crazy high and my insurance doesn't cover a dime. My husband is Bulgarian, so he was looking for options there. We found maybe 3, but after reading the sites myself, I felt the most comfortable with MEDSPA so i contacted them. I emailed with IVA for quite sometime and she answered every question imaginable. Even though i had been to Bulgaria before, doing a major medical procedure in a foreign country is very scary. They pretty much think of everything. They pick you up and drop you off from the airport, provide a Bulgarian cell phone which was so helpful. They offer a lot more services, but we didn't need them since my husband was from Sofia originally. We tried our first IVF procedure in August of 2014, but it was unsuccessful. I guess i should also mention that i am now 43 years old and so is my husband. We took a few months off to take some recommended supplements that Dr. Stamenov wanted us to try to help egg quality. We then went back at the end of January 2015 to try IVF again. This time we did a longer protocol. The second time around i was a lot less nervous having gone through everything before and knowing what to expect. I am currently 9 weeks pregnant for the first time in my life. I had a lot of doubts that my body even knew how. I can't say enough about the MEDSPA girls Iva, Julia, and Sisi. We got to spend time with each of them. They are all different in their own way, but really enjoyed our time with each of them. And we can't say enough about Dr. Stamenov, his staff and his hospital/clinic. He is super nice, attentive, and only wants success for you, its not about the money to him. And the nice thing is that even with having to pay for two flights, we still saved at least $5000 from what we would have paid in the USA. And having to do this twice, it was really worth it. The hospital was also very convenient for us and they keep it immaculate. Please don't hesitate to contact them, you won't regret it. Even if i wasn't pregnant right now, i would still recommend them over and over again. Best of luck to you all.

Stuart, Spain, Enlarged prostate Thulium laser treatment with Dr Kalchev



Thank you all at Medspa for the wonderful care and treatment I received. The procedure was a complete success and my care in your hands was second to none.
Your two doctors couldn't be any more professional and I would really recommend anyone needing Thulium laser treatment to use Medspa for the treatment of BPH.

It has been a real pleasure meeting you and your colleague Julie, thank you both.

Anna, Spain, IVF



I found out about Dr.Stamenov, Medspa and Clinica Nadezhda on a dark rainy day – it was the day when I found out that my 4th IVF attempt was yet another failure. I didn't feel the strength to go on, but yet wasn't entirely ready to give up, when I came across an article by one woman’s (Iva Stoykova) experience with IVF and her deep gratitude to Dr. Stamenov. Her words touched me and I decided to further research the doctor and his clinic. As it turned out, Dr. Stamenov was one of the leading experts in Bulgaria in his field and Clinica Nadezhda had great reviews. I contacted Iva the same day to get more details and my husband and me decided to tour the clinic and meet everybody before making a decision. We flew to Sofia to meet Dr. Stamenov who was very friendly and attentive and explained us at length our options. The clinic was very modern and the stuff welcoming. It was not a difficult decision to have another IVF try there. We didn't have luck on our first try, but on our second attempt with frozen embryos left from the previous try, I finally got my miracle! I'm 41 now and enjoying fully my 16th week of pregnancy. I can’t thank enough Dr. Stamenov and his team and for their expert help, support and fantastic attitude! Even if our attempt was unsuccessful, I would still recommend this clinic whole-heatedly to anybody in need for a superb service, professionalism and friendly attitude. Special thanks are due to the ladies from Medspa – Iva, Julia and Sisi – for providing on ongoing support, answering my questions at odd hours, clearing my doubts, cheering me up when I was down and, in general, offering a professional service with a unique personal touch. Thank you girls for being so amazing!

Lucy, Italy, IVF with donor eggs



Really glad to write in this page. I was personally suffering so much for not having babies. The worst things were the terrible answers from doctors only full of themselves, in Italy and abroad. "I can't help you" or ", you can't" ; or"what do you want? you're healthy, you have good physical tests, think to be satisfied of that and give up thinking of babies anymore, you can't!!" I was so desperate, but, like a look form the sky, a close friend of my husband, after some day said: "listen boys, someone talked me about Nadezhda Clinic in Sofia. Please, ask for an appointment with Dr Stamenov". Dr Stamenov recieved us, and with the best manners said: "kind lady, I don't thing you really have something wrong; I think you need the right therapy, but you'll have to be patient for lots of months. Obviously we can't have the absolute certainty but we'll do everything we can to help you". What sort of wonderful words....a young head physician doctor that with so good manner and with the best , ease clarity said so! I followed step by step his therapy. Lots of months? I saw Dr Stamenov for the first time last July I was pregnant. Now I am at the end of the 4th month of pregnancy, we can't wait to go to Sofia to give the best wishes to Dr Stamenov and his staff. Dr Stamenov is a genius without any doubt, Dr Shevketova, the first assistant, is really nice an very good; Iva, the best support for foreign patients, always answering, day and night, always helping and supporting.I hope my message can reach every woman that, like me, suffered a lot for the worst ignorance in the world. Nadezhda Clinic can give you life again, trust it!

Tracy, Norway, Donor-egg IVF



We have tried for 14 years to have a child and now have only 4 more weeks before our baby girl is born. We had really given up and this was a last attempt. We thrilled that at our age we are finally having a baby of our own. The clinic is very professional and wonderfully equipped. We have tried 2 other clinics and this was our 3rd. Even if we hadn't had the success we did this time, we would still recommend it. We were really taken care of and made to feel like we are important, no matter how many patients Dr. Stamenov had.

Marie, 46 yrs, Canada, Egg donation IVF



I am not a specialist in fertility, so everything written here is just from my personal experience and the research I conducted prior to my ivf cycle using donor eggs in NadezhdaClinic ,Sofia, Bulgaria June/July/ 2013. I was 45 years old at the time of our fresh Donor egg transfer. I am Canadians living in US. After searching for an egg donor in Canada for 24 months with no luck, I looked at other options. The cost of DE IVF proved to be too expensive for us. We priced every possible US option and the lowest we could find was about $28,000 for one cycle with a known independent US donor who would come to our clinic in Canada for treatment (none of the treatment would have been covered by RAMQ). We also looked at buying frozen donor eggs from the US (World Egg Bank), but we realized that although there are many women listed in their profiles, many of those women had not actually been screened/tested yet, and just as many were not actually available. Also, we did not find that the World Egg Bank did enough screening for infectious diseases of their donors. So you know up front, I used an anonymous PROVEN donor who closely matched my physical characteristics and heritage. She was 27 years old.. She produced 12 eggs, 10 of which were mature, and 8 of which fertilized with ICSI (no issues with DH, but our clinic routinely does ICSI to maximize fertlization. In the end we received 6 viable 5-days blasts. We transferred back two fresh blasts, and vitrified the remaining four. We ended up with fresh transfer. I am a happy mother of a beautiful girl. Next year we do plan to have another transfer with the already frozen eggs. Total cost including the 12 days travel/stay in Sofia for the fresh donor egg transfer: approx $12,000 Canadian. That’s all expenses including everybody’s meds, etc.

Tatjana Seluto, Latvia, Asthmatic bronchitis rehabilitation

Medical SPA


My grandson Еgor has asthmatic bronchitis. He is only 3 years old, and he has already stayed twice in a hospital. The doctor recommended to bring him to a sanatorium. We live in Latvia and in October and November it’s usually windy and damp. For about 3-4 weeks we had to find a place that was warm, comfortable and safe enough for a small kid. We chose Sandanski in Bulgaria from reviews on the Internet. Most appealing was the favourable climate – the best in Europe for heeling all types of bronchial asthma as they said. About the hotel, we fully trusted MEDSPA, a Bulgarian company offering medical and medical SPA vacations. Because of the unique climate, regularly going for a walk was a must. In this respect Pirin Park Hotel has a very good location as it is separated from the town by a large park, around 2.5 km long. I am grateful to all the personnel in the hotel for their attention to our young patient, especially to Dr Bakalova and the entertainer (the girl with Egor on the picture below), as well as to the whole physiotherapy team. Air, sun and water – mineral and thermal – worked well and now my grandson feels well! Thank you for arranging our stay in Bulgaria!

Marie and Johann, Germany, IVF with egg donation



I was 39 when met with Johann. He had two children from a previous relation, me - none. We wanted a child together and tried naturally for a year. Then we had 2 IVF trials and one FET, but with no joy. We have been recommended to try with donor eggs. There were options in Prague which is nearby, but we decided for Spain in order to combine treatment with a sunny vacation. Prices were tolerable; success rate reported over 65% and it looked all optimistic. It took us 2 egg donation cycles to realize it wasn't that easy to get pregnant. All hopes slumped and I gave up. Then in a few months a colleague at 49 turned out to be pregnant and there was a lot of fuss about it. I talked to her and she gave me the contact of Nadezhda Women’s Health Hospital in Sofia where she got pregnant after first trial. The result was there, so I decided to give it one more try. And here I am happily pregnant in my gestational week 11! From a 1st trial! But it was not just good luck. In Nadezhda, Dr. Stamenov found that my right tube had hydrosalpinx which he successfully removed. Also that I had Protein C deficiency which increased the risk of blood clotting. I am very grateful to Dr Stamenov and his team. All hospital staff was very kind and rofessional. And Dr Stamenov, who is head of the fertility team, personally takes care of his patients – consulting, ultrasounds, the embryo transfer too. Special thanks to Sisi from Medspa who was my fairy and helped my baby miracle come true. Sisi was with me through all the process, promptly answering my numerous questions on the mail and giving advice, also being with me in the hospital in this very emotional time. Thank you all!

Alistair, UK, IVF with donor eggs



My wife is now 3 1/2 months pregnant with our first child! We had previously had IVF treatments in the UK, unsuccessfully, which we found impersonal, expensive and dreadfully disappointing. The Nadezhda Clinic was the complete opposite, clean, efficient, much less expensive and our helping hand Iva is an absolute legend, she made us feel completely at home. Dr Stamenov is a shining light in his field and I thoroughly recommend him and the hospital to you.

Sarah, UK, IVF with egg donation



We are delighted to be able to share our happy news that, thanks to Dr Stamenov and the Medspa team, I am eight weeks pregnant. I had my first scan a week ago and it's twins! This follows a decade of early miscarriages; a single, unsuccessful round of IVF on the NHS; and two private UK consultants, who were more motivated by following a standard procedure than really understanding us and the possible cause of my multiple miscarriages.

The contrast with Medspa and Nadezhda Hospital couldn't be greater. In total, we made five trips to Sofia where Julia looked after us mostly, and occasionally Iva and Sisi. We really enjoyed Julia's company: she is feisty, very funny and rightly proud of her city. In between treatments she took us to see the sights and to sample some great restaurants; to visit Sofia's malls and top-up on culture at a classical concert. Each trip was something to look forward to and ran like clockwork. The same can be said of every procedure at the hospital, where we were very well looked after; and of every consultation with Dr Stamenov, who showed us such kindness, care and attention to detail.

Although our antenatal service is being provided by the NHS in the UK, Iva is on hand to send out any medication I need, answer any questions I have, and update Dr Stamenov as my pregnancy develops. We have hope for the future and wish everyone on a similar journey the very best of luck. We cannot recommend Dr Stamenov and the Medspa team highly enough, and are planning to introduce them to the twins on our sixth trip next year.

Shirlene, UK, IVF



I would like to share my wonderful story, as lo & behold, I am finally pregnant after 5 yrs of TTC w no success. My husband & I are living in London. I had 3 IUI and 1 IVF unsuccessful procedures conducted by the NHS. This year, we finally decided to pay for our treatment abroad. Lucky for me, my husband is Bulgarian & we also have a friend who recommend Nadezhda. Without hesitating he contacted Medspa & we received an immediate response from a very lovely Iva. The process of communicating with her was very quick & easy. So we decided to go to Bulgaria last November and go for the initial consultation, where we met Dr. Stamenov who explained what sort of treatment would be appropriate for us. We started the treatment just recently February 2014. I would like also to thank Dr. Stamenov and all the staff for all their effort. The hospital is brand new with great facilities. All of the staff are incredibly accommodating & friendly, but I would personally give a special mention to Iva who's always been there, she's been very patience & very helpful with all my queries, even now. Also I would say that Dr. Stamenov really is a miracle worker. I am saying this based on what I experience in NHS & with him, such a huge difference. He's an expert & know's exactly what he's doing. The whole process of deciding to undergo this procedure in another country is very daunting. But he and the staff made every effort to ensure my time there was a pleasant as possible. The team could not do enough to make me feel welcome, relaxed and calm. Overall, we are very satisfied and happy with the entire process and would strongly recommend this clinic to anyone.

Sylvia, UK, Donor-egg IVF



I have heard about this Clinic in Bulgaria Jan 2013 from my sister and took me a little while to browse its website. To my surprise a UK mobile number announced there helped me to contact the clinic immediately. This is how I've got to know MEDSPA ladies team and Nedezhda Hospital shortly after as a patient. Word Nadezhda in Bulgarian means HOPE! With the help of the MEDSPA 3 fairies and friends now - Iva& July& Sissi and the Magician Dr Stamenov and his team of professionals, I am now a mum to be! This hope they gave me back after long 7 years of battles in different clinics with few unsuccessful IVF treatments. What you can expect and will find out is: a perfect organization of your stay in Bulgaria offered by MEDSPA straightforward program ( Doctors' appointments; interpretation & translation when needed ; meet and greet at the airport same on departure;transportation to &from clinic to your accommodation; helping hand all the time) etc. From Nadezhda Hospital - clean and modern clinic; extremely professional staff ; expert attitude; last but not least very friendly atmosphere and hope!

John & Jane Massey, Melbourne – Australia, Donor-egg IVF



During our visit to Bulgaria, we’ve had a great experience with Nadezhda Clinic and Medspa, and especially with Dr Stemanov. Currently my wife is pregnant after a successful IVF with donor eggs. I would highly recommend the clinic to any patient.

Eva, Germany, Donor-egg IVF



I just hit the big 46 one month ago prior to the trip. We spent right at EUR 20,000 for a donor cycle in several clinics which failed miserably. After putting up with all the shots and trips to the clinics, we found out nothing happened. We had seen the MEDSPA website earlier in the year, but didn’t know if we could squeeze it into our schedule. But, after the first failure, we decided to try it in Bulgaria before we attempt to adopt. So here we are, spending a good couple of months sending emails back and forth with Iva & Dr Stamenov and getting questions answered. After we narrow down a time frame, Dr Stamenov from Nadezhda clinic started to coordinate a donor for us. So, here we go. After 8 days in Sofia /very interesting city/ we are back in Germany and the test is positive We do expect twins! Thank you Dr Stamenov!
Thank you MEDSPA – Iva, July and Cecile!

Petra and Gerd, Germany, Donor-egg IVF



My partner and I have always talked about having children- one day and the time has never felt right. We live together for more than 10 years /we are not married/. I am 41 and Gerd is 50. I made an appointment with my OB/GYN to discuss our decision and see if we were "good to go". The first thing she informed me that I am 1 year older than the “limit ” of 40 years and I have to self-pay the bigger But that was our part of the IVF treatment. The second reason was that according to the law we are not a family!!! It means that if we want to have a baby – we have to self-pay the whole process. I asked he if we have to start with insemination – but despite of the good health I was /with regular period, healthy /she recommend me not to lose time and to go directly to IVF – because my eggs are not the same as 10 years ago and the time is running. I started to look for appropriate clinic starting with the question – in Germany or somewhere else. The situation with the German clinics was fine – but the expenses were too high. My husband read an article in the plane about Bulgaria and the success rates of Nadezhda Fertility Clinic. We send an e-mail and Iva – a case manager from MEDSPA /a partner of Nadezhda answer us in a short time//less than half day – which for me was really a nice surprise – because at the same time I send e-mails to few more clinics in Bulgaria and Czech – but the e-mails back were late or were not trustful /they directly invite us to visit them and to pay in advance/. Iva sent me several documents and asked me to fill in the required data – for me and for my husband. After 3 days we received the expert opinion of Dr Stamenov – regarding his basic opinion and proposals about our case. We arrange the tickets /Wizz Air from Frankfurt / and made our first meeting with Dr Stamenov. Julya was waiting for us to the airport and drive us directly to the clinic. Dr Stamenov is very warm, nice and clever man. He really knows what he is doing. That was my first impression. I was a bit nerves, because we had to wait for him for about 1 hour /but it worth/. He does informed me that I had to undergo HSG and that the day of my cycle is appropriate for that. On the next day he did it and it was showed an abnormally shaped uterus and a weighed down left fallopian tube. I was scheduled for laparoscopy a few weeks later. Surgery went good. polyps were removed from my retro-verted uterus. We were, again, ready to get pregnant. That was a little over a 6 month since we started. I had 2 moths time and 2 appointment with my gynecologist - Dr Stamenov required from me to ask him to monitor my Endometrio. I started to accept medications – prescribed from Dr Stamenov. September 2012: We started our IVF treatment in Nadezhda Clinic. We stayd for about 10 days in Sofia. Every step was according to the plan sent by Iva. Iva / July supported us during the whole treatment /translation, transport, documents, etc – personal care!! Thank you!!!/. Oct 2012- I am pregnant ? Thank you very, very much Dr Stamenov!

Sara Mcknight, UK, IUI



I am a female living in the UK, in Northern Ireland. I am in a same sex partnership and in my late thirties. I wanted a child before I was too old to try, and I obviously needed treatment with donor sperm. I had my partner's 100% backing so I priced treatments in the UK. The prices were so expensive I decided to look abroad. I had been to Bulgaria and to Sofia before so I contacted the Nadezhda clinic in Sofia, Bulgaria through Medspa and received an email quickly back from Iva. Iva works for Medspa and is Bulgarian but speaks fluent English. Iva answered all our questions and provided a wealth of information to me. Due to my age, I looked at IVF treatment but decided on IUI treatment stimulated by hormones, as I was otherwise healthy. I was given a choice of donors so I picked one I thought was suitable. I booked time off work, for stimulated treatment is about 10 days, 3 or 4 I think, if not stimulated. I booked flights, Ryanair and Easyjet fly to Bulgaria and there are other cheap flights if you're prepared to stop over. My partner and I flew from Dublin. Assisted by Iva, I booked a suitable hotel close to the clinic. When my partner and I arrived in Bulgaria, I was met by Julia, Iva's colleague who took us to our hotel. Each day that we attended the clinic, we were lifted by and accompanied by Iva, Julia or Sissi, really lovely ladies who all speak fluent English and who together run Medspa. I met the fertility doctor, Doctor Stamenov who again spoke fluent English and was very friendly. The clinic was clean and very popular, and the only reason I have given 4 out of 5 stars is because very soon Dr Stamenov will be working from a brand new private clinic which will be much bigger and even more modern. I was monitored closely and got inseminated after 6 days. Two weeks later, at home, I tested, and I'm pregnant from my first try. I knew the clients of Doctor Stamenov thought very highly of him and now I know why. He clearly is a genius at his job. I went to Bulgaria with nothing but hope and have come back with a baby and three new friends in Iva, Sissi and Julia and of course Doctor Stamenov, who I will be forever grateful to. I can't recommend it enough... :)

Sarah, 44 yrs, UK, IVF



Having tried to conceive naturally for several years without success and being ineligible for IVF treatment in the UK, I decided to research IVF in Bulgaria. The decision to go abroad for treatment can be intimidating, but from my very first contact with Iva from Medspa, she was highly professional yet friendly, and completely put me at my ease. Throughout my stay in Bulgaria, the whole Medspa team were very supportive, helping me with all sorts of practicalities, and just being there for me. I was alone in Bulgaria for most of my treatment and their support and friendship helped keep me sane! At Nadezhda clinic, Dr Stamenov was always encouraging yet realistic, and was happy to answer any of my questions. It was very important to me to feel safe throughout the process, and with him I couldn't have felt safer. He is dedicated to his work and this really shows in the quality of care he provides. His team of nurses were lovely – even when we couldn't communicate in words I always felt reassured by them. Iva, Julia, or Sissy from Medspa accompanied me to all my appointments, providing translation and good company. The clinic was spotlessly clean and well equipped. I would not hesitate to recommend Medspa and Nadezhda clinic. Strange to say I actually enjoyed the treatment, and this was almost entirely due to the quality of care I received. In contrast to my experiences with the NHS in the UK, I was always fully informed about my progress, everything was explained clearly to me, and I received comprehensive documentation about the treatment! I am waiting for my results with hope as I write this..... I would be happy to chat about Medspa, Nadezhda, and Bulgaria to anyone considering this step. The Medspa team will pass on my contact details. Go for it - you won't regret it!

Gloria Begu, Romania, IVF



I would like to share briefly my personal experience from the medical treatment I recently had in Bulgaria. A business partner of mine, already acquainted with my personal problems /I was trying to have a baby for more than 3 years/ from Sofia reccommended me a clinic in Sofia - Nadezhda Clinic and Dr Georgi Stamenov - the Head of the clinic - as a very human and proffesional doctor in the fertility fielld. I tried to find in internet more info about the clinic and saw in the web site of a detailed information in english about the possibilities of the IVF treatments in Nadezhda clinic. The key manager form Medspa - Julie was very detailed and patient and after a month period with e-mails I received the appointment with Dr Stamenov. He was so calm and explained to me in his plan how he sees the situation, what is the problem according to him and he propose me a personal plan for an action. After a period of stimulations and after choosing the correct donor I am pregnant and after a month I`ll become a mother of a wonderful creature. The pregnancy is observed from my personal gynecologist. Special thanks about the care of Julie from Medspa, who assist me with her auto every day to the clinic and was with me. Have a success to all of you!

Caroline B, UK, IVF



I have been trying to conceive for 3 year when I was diagnosed with PCOS. My period is irregular, but I never guessed PCOS was the problem as I am quite fit. I have tried 5 Clomid/IUI cycles where I ovulated but with no success. I did my first IVF in 2009, but unfortunately overstimulated; abdominal pain and bloating was quite bad. Last year I had my 2nd round of IVF. The procedure went smoothly but I miscarried at about 7-8 wks because of an infection. In spring this year I ventured an IVF abroad - a Bulgarian friend of mine was successful at that clinic in Sofia. Both docs and nurses of Nadezhda clinic were very helpful and considerate, and spoke English. Moreover their international service agency Medspa did a great job too. They were fast in responding my mails and arranging my appointments at the clinic. They meet you at the airport, choose the right hotel for you and bring you to all visits at Nadezhda clinic. No waiting and no stress. So everything clicked at the end and I got my BFP after two tests. Now I’m at week 25 and I’m looking forward to having my healthy twins.

Vesna, Macedonia, IVF



After a difficult period trying to find "my doctor", the person to whom I could trust a 100% I had the chance to meet a nice lady from MEDSPA. She was so kind and explained to me in detail the pluses to become a patient of Dr Stamenov /a wonderful person and a real man/. I appreciated the fact that she didn`t press me in my dessicion and soon with her full support I was in the clinic. Now I am a happy mother of twins, after having IVF treatment in Nadezhda clinic - Sofia. Dr Stamenov is an outstanding personality and a great specialist, with a brilliant memory for every one detail. You could fully trust him. You need just to follow the personal program he reccommend during the way to the most wanted moment - the positive test:) The care of his team continue till the moment you need it.