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Medical Treatment

Medspa provides medical treatment, medical check-up and rehabilitation with the most prominent medical doctors in Bulgaria. Among the treatment areas we specialize in Bulgaria are: infertility - IVF with own and donor eggs, IUI, egg freezing, embryo freezing; enlarge prostate BPH laser treatment; respiratory and lung diseases; eye problems.

Infertility treatment

High success rate, short waiting time, treatment of women at advanced maternal age, overweight women, women with thin endometrium, cases of severe male factor, ...

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Egg freezing

If you want to postpone motherhood, but keep your chances to easily have a healthy baby later in life, you can take advantage of egg freezing. It’s a wise ...

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Enlarged prostate Thulium laser treatment

Thulium laser is considered one of the most successful and lowest risk solutions for enlarged prostate (BPH) treatment.

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Respiratory / Lung diseases

If you suffer from chronic colds, if you have asthma, if you can get rid of pharingitis, sinusitis or rhinitis, if you breath with difficulty during sleep, if y ...

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Contemporary diagnostics and treatment of all types of ophthalmic, neurological and psychiatric diseases.

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Medical check-up

We provide high-quality medical check-up at affordable cost in a number of areas, among which respiratory and pulmonary diseases, optical and vision problems.

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Weight loss

Staying slim is a hard goal for many people. Find out a pleasant way to achieve this.

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Eye problems

Eye and vision problems

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