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Medical Treatment

Step by step guide for your medical treatment, check-up or rehabilitation program in Bulgaria:

1. Contact MEDSPA and briefly describe your medical case using our enquiry form. Ask any questions relevant to your potential treatment or stay in Bulgaria.

2. Complete a medical questionnaire we are going to send you, covering your medical history and send scanned copies of any related medical reports, blood tests results, etc.

3. Get a free quote from MEDSPA fertility case manager.

4. Ask any further questions relevant to you potential treatment or stay in Bulgaria and receive our prompt reply.

5. Receive our medical treatment agreement and review it.

6. Sign the medical treatment agreement and return it scanned via e-mail.

7. Schedule with MEDSPA your initial visit to the clinic, check options for your travel plan, including accommodation.

8. Arrive in Sofia. MEDSPA will arrange airport transfer to your hotel and accompany you to the clinic and at your initial consultation. You will receive a mobile phone for local calls (for the duration of your treatment program) to help you communicate freely with MEDSPA team while in Bulgaria.