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Egg freezing, Bulgaria

EUR 1700 / BGN 3325

Egg freezing program in Nadezhda Women’s Health Hospital includes a controlled ovarian stimulation with gonadotropin injections and egg retrieval followed by egg evaluation and freezing of the mature ones with vitrification.

For an Egg freezing program you can be in Nadezhda Hospital for initial examination and consultation on day 2 of your period and if all normal, you will start ovarian stimulation straight away, thus spending around 10-12 days by the time of egg retrieval.

The other option is first to come for initial examination on day 8-10 of your period. Following the ultrasound scan and consultation, you’ll be prescribed medicines for the first 5 days of stimulation; you will start the injections at home and come here around day 7 of your period for continuing the stimulation and finishing the program. In this case you will spend in Sofia no more than a week.

Your eggs will be retrieved in the morning of the 2nd day following an HCG injection. Egg retrieval takes around 15 minutes and is done under short intravenous anesthesia. Then you will have some rest before being discharged from the hospital. The embryologists will evaluate your eggs; the good mature eggs will vitrified. Freezing with vitrification ensures vitality of the eggs after thawing. There is no time limit for storing vitrified eggs, though 10 years is the recommended period.

To apply for Egg freezing program or ask any questions, please contact:
Mrs Iva Stoykova, Fertility Case Manager at e-mail:,phone: +359 885 272738.

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