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Belchin Bani

Belchin Bani SPA resort is situated at 980 m altitude. The region is influenced by high mountains, which limit turbulent winds and snow drift. The climate is humid continental and is determined by the altitude as well as by the influence of Mediterranean air currents. Summer is usually not very hot, though in recent years daytime temperatures reach 39°C. Winters are mild and long. Spring and autumn are cool. Long sunshine and lack of fogs are typical.

Mineral water in the resort was discovered in the early 20th century and is characterized as hyper thermal (41 ºC), low mineral (320 mg/l), sulphate, carbonate, sodium, silicon and fluorine, containing low concentrations of radon. Therapeutic and prophylactic properties of the mineral water here are determined by the temperature factor, its low mineralization, the presence of the above ions and meta acid in colloidal state, combined with low radon content.

In Belchin is located Cari Mali Grad - a recently restored ancient fortress with a church ensemble.

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