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    We take all care to ensure your individual quality medical treatment.
    For your treatment abroad MEDSPA carefully selects most advanced
    clinics where patients could timely receive the best service
    at reasonable cost.

    MEDSPA, your reliable partner!


    Orthopedic surgery, Hip replacement
    Neurosurgery, Breast surgery

    Complete medical check-up
    Second opinion 


    Come to Bulgaria for a successful Fertility treatment or
    Thulium laser treatment of enlarged prostate (BPH)!
    Respiratory, Asthma and COPD check-up programs

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    MEDSPA offers a wide range of treatment and
    rehabilitation medical SPA programs in Bulgaria and abroad.


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    receive a quote for your medical treatment abroad.

To grow healthy, strong and energetic. Your beloved to be healthy. To have children and be happy with them. To remain healthy later in life ...

We take all care to ensure your individual, quality medical treatment. For your treatment abroad MEDSPA carefully selects most advanced clinics where patients could timely receive the best service at reasonable cost. Among the areas we specialise in are:

  • in Bulgaria: fertility treatment, both non-donor and donor-egg IVF/ICSI or IUI, egg/embryo freezing; enlarged prostate Thulium laser treatment, medical check-up, medical spa treatment & rehabilitation: lung diseases, bone and joint problems
  • in Germany: medical check-up and second opinion; medical treatment: orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, breast surgery, cancer treatment and rehabilitation

We provide the best stress-free solution for you. Welcome to MEDSPA, your reliable partner!

Consultations and examinations on urinary and fecal incontinence problems with Dr Annett Gauruder-Burmester, Sofia, 21-22, April, 2017.

Consultations and examinations on urinary and fecal incontinence problems with Dr Annett Gauruder-Burmester, a leading German specialist in pelvic floor problems in women
Sofia, Nadezhda Women's Health Hospital, 21-22, April, 2017.
For detailed information and scheduling an appointment, please contact Dr. Angelova at phone: +359 885 414 430, e-mail:

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Why IVF treatment in Bulgaria?

When traveling for IVF treatment, it is important to work with a reputable company, one who is able to provide a reliable calendar far in advance.

If you have had several IVF fails so far, if you are at advanced maternal age, but still want to have a baby, if you are single or in a female couple, if you are overweight, if you’re looking for the newest fertility technologies and approaches, if you’d like to have an affordable IVF treatment, Nadezhda Women’s Health Hospital is the right place for you. MEDSPA will arrange in no time your fertility consultation and treatment with Dr Stamenov, head of Nadezhda Hospital's fertility team.

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Medical treatment in Germany

MEDSPA provides treatment with the best specialists in Germany with practically no waiting time. The main areas in which we operate are: orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, treatment of breast cancer, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery of the breast, cancer treatment.

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Medical check-up in Germany

MEDSPA arranges complete medical check-up, medical check-up in case of specific medical disorders as well as second opinion with established medical specialists and clinics in Germany.

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Patients reviews

Despina-Oana Sofronie, 53 years old, Bucharest, pregnant from first attempt


My name is Despina-Oana Sofronie, Bucharest, 53 years old, pregnant from first attempt at Medspa Nadezdha Clinic. The treatment was excellent ! Mr. Dr. Stamenov prescribed me treatment based on progesterone and estradiol, and was excellent to keep this treatment. No headaches, no physical problems, no secondary effects. I was felt great, optimistic and confident. At this state of mind the support of Team of clinic and consult at Mr. Dr. Stamenov were essentially. Now, I'm in 18 weeks, and the support of the Team is continuing. Before came to Medspa Nadezdha Clinic, I stayed on forums and saw others patients opinions, learning from their experiences, and called on other clinics from the world: Greece, Spain, Italy, UK, Portugal, Ukraine, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, India. Bulgaria was on my list, but first I was looked for price maximum 4500 euro, because I was afraid to make a such credit. After all calls, I was still undecided. So, one day I said:" before made a decision, I must call in Bulgaria at Nadezdha, to find out how it is procedure. Nadezdha in romanian is nadejde, which is mean hope. " So, I called in the morning. Mrs. Iva Stoychova answered to me, and said that she will send to me in that day, on mail, all about clinic and procedures. I was waiting in the afternoon, evening, and. mail. At 23.55 in midnight, I received the mail from Mrs. Iva. In that moment I decided at once" this is my clinic were I'll go". Mrs. Iva was after a full day, tooking care about patients, and made efforts to sent me all materials necessary for me to know about procedures and treatment, and also to kept she's promise to me to sent all during that day. Without fear I gone at bank at did credit, and I start my mails with Mrs. Iva. From the first consult, i saw thsat Mr. Dr. Stamenov is a very professional Doctor, and warm and respectful person. Usually, I'm afraid of doctors, but Mr. Dr. Stamenov gave me confidence and courage. And a very important aspect: listen Mr. Dr. Stamenov opinion. Before embryo transfer, I was adviced to accept one embryo, not two as I wished. But, because I was insisted, two embryos were transferred. Unfortunately, in week 8 I lost one of the twins. .. I was very very said, but I started to feel better with one kid instead of two. My body couldn't carrying twins. .. At next consultation, I expressed my regrets to Mr. Dr. Stamenov that I didn't followed His opinion: Now, I'm in 18 weeks, happy with my kid, and have continue support from Mr . Dr. Stamenov, Mrs. Iva Stoychova and Team. I'm impatient to return at Nadezdha, were is a warm and carrying atmosphere. I'll do as soon as kid will be able to travel.

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