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17-19 Jan. 2019, International mini-invasive surgery symposium at Nadezhda Women’s Health Hospital

On January 17, 18 and 19 at Nadezhda Women's Health Hospital, an international mini-symposium on meeting points of reproductive medicine and minimally invasive gynecological surgery (hysteroscopy and laparoscopy) took place. The symposium gathered nearly 100 delegates from Bulgaria, Poland, Israel, Spain, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lebanon. To share their experience at Nadezhda Hospital arrived leading world names in reproductive surgery.

In addition to a rich lecture program and interactive sessions with experts, nine demonstration live surgeries were included. The main lecturer of the event was Prof.Ceana Nezhat (USA) - one of the founders of gynecological laparoscopy and an expert in the treatment of the most complicated forms of endometriosis. Prof. Nezhat opened the forum with a lecture on "Reproductive Surgery - What Does It Mean in the 21st Century?".

"Ovarian and ovarian tissue transplantation: where are we now?" Was the topic that Professor Milan Milenkovic (Sweden) presented at the symposium. Prof. Milenkovic participated in the first successful uterus transplants followed by a successful birth at the University of Karolina in Sweden, as well as in the first such robotic operation carried out in 2017 in Serbia.

The hysteroscopic topic in the forum was presented by two leading experts from Israel - Prof. Sergio Haimovic, President of the World Congress of Hysteroscopy and pioneer in Laser Hysteroscopic Techniques, and Dr. Gilad Ratan, an expert in hysteroscope with great experience.

Professor Ellis Downs (UK), leading gynecological endoscopy expert, was the lecturer on the last day of the event. He lectured on the differences in treatment of intramural fibroids in patients undergoing assisted reproduction.

At the Z-Med Laser (Israel) Satellite Symposium, engineer Jair Leopold presented the benefits of diode laser technology in modern gynecological endoscopic applications, supported by Professor Haimovic, world expert in this .

The program of the symposium included demonstration laparoscopic and hysteroscopic surgeries. The operations were broadcast live from two of “Nadezhda” Hospital's operating rooms. In the minimal-invasive surgery, a medical laser was used, and during the discussion Prof. Nezhat said : "While working in the operating room of "Nadezhda" I felt like I was in my own operating room - here I have all the necessary equipment and tools even for the most complicated intervention".

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