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Sandanski medical SPA and health resort

Sandanski is approved as the best natural healing centre for bronchial asthma in Europe. This is mostly due to its unique therapeutic climate - moderate continental with well expressed Mediterranean influence. Moreover Sandanski is located in the foothills of Pirin Mountainat an altitude of 220 – 240 m; it benefits from the light breeze from Sandanska Bistritsa River and manufacturing pollution is unknown here. The air in Sandanski is crystal clean, rich in oxygen and negative ions. The annual average air temperature is 14 C -the highest in the country, for whichSandanski is known as “Bulgaria’s climatic south”. The winter here is mild and warm, snow and fogs are rare.

Apart from asthma, the climate in Sandanski is also favourable for people with chronic non-specific lung diseases and breathing disruptions during sleeping, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, states after bronchopneumonia, bronchiectasis and bronchoectatic disease, lungemphysema, pulmonary hypertonia, states after pulmonary resections, chronic colds, sinusitis, pharyngitis, vasomotoric rhinitis as well as allergies. Experts report that climatic treatment in Sandanski leads to recovery of 80% of patients suffering from shortness of breath, cough and expectoration; it reduces the need for medications like bronchospasmolitic drugs and cortisone, and improves the static and dynamic lung volumes and flows. Climatic treatment twice a year is recommended for a complete healing effect.

The reputation of Sandanski as a first-class medical SPA and health resort is also due to its mineral water resources. There are 20mineral water springs with waters suitable for drinking and external balneotherapy. The mineral waters in Sandanskiare two types:

  • mineralized, hot hydrocarbonate-sulphate, sodium,fluorine and
  • low mineralized, warm, alkaline, hydrocarbonate-sodium.

One of the most popular mineral springs there is Miroto spring.

Chemical composition of Miroto mineral spring:
F -6.0 mg/l
Cl -15.6 mg/l
SO4 -132.9 mg/l
HCO3 -228.8 mg/l
Na -157.6 mg/l
K -2.55 mg/l
Ca -6.3 mg/l
Mg -0.04 mg/l
H2SiO3 -72 mg/l

The healing climate and mineral waters have made Sandanski a prominent health resort for prophylaxis, treatment and rehabilitation of:

  • upper respiratory tract and lung diseases
  • musculoskeletal diseases
  • peripheral nervous systemdiseases
  • gynecological diseases
  • metabolic disorders
  • allergic diseases
  • skin problems.

What to do in Sandanski? Sandanski is most popular as a climate therapy, medical SPA and SPA and wellness resort. Apart from good hotels with well developed SPA centres, Sandasnki and the area offer numerous opportunities for sightseeing and sports.

Beautiful nature in Sandanski and the surrounding area:

  • Town park with over 200 Mediterranean types of plants and a lake – a wonderful place for walk and recreation
  • Roupite nature reserve with rare flora and fauna and thermal springs - 15 km from Sandanski. The area is a crater of an extinct volcano.
  • Popina Laka waterfall, 15 km from Sandanski
  • Sand towers near Sandanski

Culture and history in Sandanski:

  • Sandanski archeological museum with one of the richest collections in Bulgaria
  • Early Christian Episcopal basilicain Sandanski
  • Art galleryof Sandanski
  • Pirin Folk international music festivalin Sandanski
  • Rila Monastery - 63 km from Sandanski; the richest and largest monastery in Bulgaria, built in the 10th century. Rila Monastery is part of UNESCO World Heritage due to its valuable icons, unique wood carvings and authentic atmosphere.
  • Melnik “town of wine” - the smallest town in Bulgaria, 20 km from Sandanski. Apart from its rich historical heritage, Melnik is most famous for its cellars with high-quality wine that nestle in impressive sand towers. Kordopulova House is the best known traditional Bulgarian Revival house in Melnik.
  • Despot Slav’s fortress from the 11-13th century, at 1 km form Melnik
  • Rozhen Monastery - the second largest monasteryin Bulgaria, 2.5 km form Melnik. The wooden structure and exquisite wood carvings together with the fine stained glass windows and valuable icons reflect the history of Rozhen Monasterythat dates back to the medieval times.
  • Roupite nature resеrve with the house of Bulgaria’s most famous prophet Vanga and St. Petka church.

Go extreme in Sandanski:

  • Kayaking, canyoning and rafting on Struma river
  • Rock climbingand trolley over watrefall in Pirin mountain

Nearest airports to Sandanski:

  • Sofia airport – 180 km
  • Thessaloniki Airport -156 km

Medical SPA programs in Sandanski

Lungs program

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