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Medical Treatment

Acute oncological treatment or tumor fatigue syndrome treatment program, 2 weeks, Germany

EUR 8706 / BGN 17028

Treatment programs for cancer patients at Kalden Clinic:

First group of patients are those, where the primary diagnostic is finished and one could start with the acute oncologic treatment. Normally the patients come for the first time for 2 up to 3 weeks treatment: we do all chemos, sometimes if possible under so called IPT (Insulin potentiated therapy), a special form to give chemo with only less than half of the normal dosage. We combine this with local and/or wholebody hyperthermia, and then you have minimum the same effect of cytotoxicity. We try to minimize the side effects of the classical therapies in adding biological treatment, for example to protect the immune system and detox in general during the treatments. The used medications are 40% compared to the standard chemotherapy. The therapy is without any side effects /hair loss, etc/.

Second group are patients, who have finished their acute treatment, and who are so exhausted after chemo, radiation or whatever therapy, that they need help. The World Health Organisation has accepted the so called “tumour fatigue syndrome” as a special illness. In those cases we have excellent possibilities to regenerate the immune system, to make a good detox treatment and bring patients in much better condition. We offer a special test of the immune system, look for traces of heavy metals and other toxins. Normally these patients come only once for 3 weeks, sometimes they like to do this “cure” once a year.

Third group of patients are those, who get their oncological treatment in another oncological center, but who wish support in addition to their established oncologic therapies: local or wholebody hyperthermia to have a better effect for chemo and/or radiation, biological response modifiers to protect the immune system, hydrocolonics to detox, etc. Duration of treatment depends on the primary therapy.

The package program for a 2-week treatment, without medications, includes:

1. Individual medical consultation with Dr. Kalden
Medical care

2. Lab tests:

  • Lab analysis
  • Immune system analysis


  • CRT 2000
  • Clinical examination
  • Ozone
  • Oxygen
  • Heavy metals in urine
  • Hair heavy metal analysis

4. Colonics (enema with coffee or eldi-oil)

5. Special therapy offers:

  • Whole body hyperthermia
  • Fever therapy
  • Local hyperthermia
  • IPT
  • Immune therapy following immune diagnostics

6. Infusion /Injection:

  • Inf.+ 1 Lipostabil
  • Navoban-Inf.
  • Mistel-Inf.
  • Calcium + Sedativum
  • Ferrlecit Inf.
  • Lipovenös 20 % Inf.
  • Procain-Basen-Inf.
  • Onkol. Basis Inf.
  • Inf. + 30 mg Epi
  • 2 Amp Tationil i.v.

7. Osteopathie

8. Sports therapy

9. Treatment follow-up support

The package price does not include:

  • psychological counseling /on patient’s request/
  • meeting at the airport, transfer to the clinic/center and accommodation in a hotel on patient’s request
  • interpreting services /on patient’s request/; translation of documents /if needed/
  • accompanying in the clinic at the time of the medical examinations and treatments /personal assistant - 100 EUR per day/.

For arranging a treatment program at Kalden Clinic, please contact:
Cell phone: +491725842505

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