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Medical Treatment

Schedule for a full-day standard check-up (example) at the European Prevention Centre (EPC)
Advisable for women and men with low or unknown risk profile.
Duration: 7 hours

  • Check-in.You arrive at EPC and are accompanied by our friendly service staff to your individual lounge. This lounge is exclusively booked for you the whole day and has a shower, LCD TV, and Internet access. From here you will be accompanied to the medical examinations.
  • Medical history. A preventive medical expert joins you in your lounge and initiates the opening consultation. You will be questioned about current or past diseases or handicaps and about your lifestyle in general
  • Screening-laboratory analysesfor:
    • routine tests (organ function) as well as
    • for established risk parameters, especially differentiated Cholesterol status, Apolipoprotein B and A1
    • as well as for determination of “emerging risk factors”, such as high sensitive CRP, Homocysteine, Lipoprotein.
    • Lipoprotein-associated phospholipase A2 (Lp-PLA2): Arterial plaque activity
    • Homa-IR: Evaluation of insulin resistance
    • NT-proBNP: Cardiac marker
    • Omega-3-Index: important fatty acid protection against atherosclerosis
    • Vitamin D: important immune modulator
    • Thyroid hormone status
    • Protein electrophoresis
    • Immunoglobuline analysis
    • NMP22® BladderChek® Urin-Test: immunological bladder cancer test
    • In Men: sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) with calculation of androgen index (aging male syndrome)
  • Urinary status including a microalbuminuria test (minimal excretion of protein indicating very early kidney damage)
  • Faecal screening for bowel cancer: ScheBo® o 2in1 Quick™ test − very sensitive and specific immunologic faecal screening test
  • Risk factor analysis. Assessment of your heart condition and possible risks in the next ten years based on the PROCAM Algorithm. These results either indicate or rule out further investigations during the check-up (algorithmic work flow approach)
  • Investigations. Detailed analysis of physical condition.
  • Anthropometry including bio-impedance analysis. Anthropometric examinations consist of measurements and calculations of body mass index, waist and hip circumference as well as body composition: fat tissue, hydration (water content of tissue), active biomass (muscles)
  • Pulse wave analysis. Non-invasive registration of the pulse waves quantitatively assesses the rigidity of the arteries. Very early types of atherosclerosis, which are still reversible, can thus be detected. Main parameters are direct systolic blood pressure, augmentation index, and pulse wave velocity.
  • Total body MRI. This procedure is used to visualize the structure and function of tissues and organs and the bone structure, especially degenerative alterations of the spine.
  • Total vascular MRA. Intravenous application of contrast media enables angiographic imaging. Since atherosclerosis is an asymmetric but systematic process, total body angiography is the rational choice in a professional check-up.The MR-investigation does not involve exposure to x-rays (vessel wall border definition).
  • Break/Snack. Return to your lounge for a break. Various refreshments will be available.
  • Dermatological screening. Reflected-light microscopy for assessing skin abnormalities after detailed clinical examination. Photo documentation is taken, if indicated.
  • Audiometry. A systematic connective hearing test of different frequencies provides information on acoustic capacity.
  • Eye fundus examination. The EPC centers perform a standardized funduscopy which enables transmission of the retina images to the University Clinic Erlangen (telemedicine). Early signs of atherosclerosis, but also end organ sequelae of arterial hypertension or diabetes may be detected or excluded.
  • Fitness assessment. Ergospirometry objectifies cardiopulmonary function by analyzing the components of respiratory gases. These data essentially help to generate recommendations for an individual fitness program. Quantitative analysis of physical fitness is permitted.
  • Echocardiography (including tissue Doppler and 3-dimensional echocardiography). Cardiac ultrasound examination is performed using high-end equipment, permitting conclusions to be made on the function of the heart and heart valves. Doppler methods yield precise data on blood flow, heart muscle velocities and strain.
  • Carotid arteries/ thyroid gland: duplex sonography. Ultrasonic examination of the arteries supplying the brain: Important data consist of the so-called intima media thickness of the carotid arteries measured quantitatively, as well as the determination of plaques and vascular constrictions which may trigger strokes.
  • The thyroid gland(dimension, structure, nodes) is always examined thoroughly.
  • Break/coffee. Take a break in your lounge, with time to take a shower if necessary. Refreshments are available.
  • Demonstration of results and lifestyle coaching. At the end of your visit all of the check-up results are shown on a high-resolution flat screen in the lounge, in a clear and comprehensible way. You can discuss all points with your attending check-up physician, and you will receive comprehensive medical counseling on the basis of the diagnostic results of the check-up. You’ll be given recommendations about activities, nutrition and relaxation suitable for you.
  • Documentation. To finish, you will recieve a folder with a comprehensive summary of the original results and a CD-ROM with all the important imaging results, which you can view at home at any time or show to other physicians.

Clients can contact us at any time after the check-up if any issues remain unclear. In the event of significant findings, arrangements for continued, first-rate after-care can be provided.

Further consultation by medical specialists can be scheduled on the same day, e.g. by a gynaecologist, urologist, neurologist, ophthalmologist.

Other medical check-up options at EPC:

  • Basic check-up: EUR 1175 (about 5 hours, with ultrasound of abdominal organs)
  • Basic plus check-up: EUR 1950 (about 6 hours, with MRI abdomen)

For arranging a medical check-up at the European Prevention Centre, please contact:;
Cell phone: +49 172 5842505

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