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MEDSPA can arrange your breast cancer treatment with Dr Winfried Schönegg, a leading German specialist in breast cancer oncology and cosmetic breast surgery with over 30 years of experience in the field. Dr Winfried Schönegg is Senior Consultant in the Breast Unit of Martin Luther Krankenhaus and Senior Breast Surgeon in Hygiea private clinic in Berlin.

Dr Winfried Schönegg offers a complete treatment for patients with a diagnosed breast cancer, including:
• Additional diagnostics and second opinion
• Breast cancer surgery
• Chemotherapy; done while using the unique Paxman hair loss prevention system.
• Radiology
• Breast reconstruction following mastectomy
Patient diagnostics is performed on spot in Dr Schönegg’s medical centre in Berlin or via e-mail.
Breast cancer surgery is provided in the Breast Unit of Martin Luther Krankenhaus, Berlin Wilmersdorf or in Hygiea private clinic in Berlin centre.
Chemotherapy is

For arranging an appointment with Dr Schönegg, please contact:

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