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Contemporary diagnostics and treatment of all types of ophthalmic, neurological and psychiatric diseases. Ophtha-Neuro Medical Centre was established in 2006 as the first and the only one of its kind, even today, ophthalmo-neurological centre in Bulgaria. This is a modern health facility, specialized in outpatient medical care in neurology, ophthalmology and psychiatry. It is equipped with the latest generation high technology equipment, manufactured in worldwide renowned companies of the USA, Japan and Europe that makes possible the most accurate examinations for early diagnostics, follow-up and treatment of all types of ophthalmological and neurological diseases.

The physicians working in the Medical Centre areleading expertsin their respective fields, who have specialized in the most prominent clinics in Europe and the USA, and some of them are lecturers with academic rank. The Centre's team is fluent in English, Russian and Greek.

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