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Stimulated IUI, Bulgaria

EUR 1400 / BGN 2738

Stimulated IUI at Nadezhda Women’s Health Hospital

A major requirement for an IUI is patency of your fallopian tubes. So, if you want or have been recommended to try IUI, first step is to check tube patency – with hyesterosalpingography (HSG) or Hysterosalpingo-contrast-sonography (HyCoSy).

If patency is confirmed and you’re coming for a stimulated IUI, stimulation usually starts on day 4 of your period – with an ultrasound, hormone testing and assigning stimulation medications. The stimulation takes around 8-10 days after which you have an ovulation trigger injection and first IUI on the next day followed by a 2nd IUI in around 24 hours. Following the 2nd IUI you can fly back home. In total you stay in Sofia around 10 days. You can shorten this period if at the initial examination & consultation you’re given stimulation medications for several days, so that you start the stimulation at home and be here for monitoring around day 9 of your period.

For an IUI the partner usually provides sperm on the IUI days.
If you don’t have a partner, donor sperm is readily available in Nadezhda Hospital.

To apply for fertility treatment or ask any questions, please contact:
Mrs Iva Stoykova, Fertility Case Manager at phone: +359885272738, e-mail:

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