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Nadezhda Women's Health Hospital at the Fertility Show London, 20-21 May 2023

Free consultation with Dr Stamenov MD, head of fertility team of ‘Nadezhda’ Women’s Health Hospital, at Fertility Show London on 2-3/11/2019. Please apply at

Join Dr Stamenov's seminar on Sunday, 3/11. Hot topic: Recurrent pregnancy loss and recurrent implantation failure - what are our current strategies to solve the riddle?
Pls buy a ticket at

‘Nadezhda Women’s Health Hospital’ is one of the most successful fertility clinics in Bulgaria. For over 16 years now, Dr Stamenov’s team has been solving complicated infertility cases involving advanced maternal age, diminished ovarian reserve, several IVF fails, recurrent miscarriages, severe male factor. ‘Nadezhda’has its own sperm bank and also offers egg donation with Bulgarian donors. The hospital’s surgeons have vast experience in performing difficult and mini-invasive reproductive surgeries. Along with state-of-the-art andrology and embryology labs, ‘Nadezhda Hospital’ offers also PGS in own genetic lab; the teams of reproductive immunologists and endocrinologists provide an invaluable support for the patients.

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