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Nadezhda Women’s Health Hospital at Kinderwunsch Tagen in Germany in 2022

Nadezhda Women’s Health Hospital will be participating in 3 fertility shows - Kinderwunsch Tagen - in Germany in 2022. The first exhibition will be held in Berlin at Mercure Hotel MOA Berlin in 26-27 March 2022. The other two shows will be in Munich and Cologne. The dates for Munich and Cologne shows will be further announced at

Dr Georgi Stamenov M.D. and Dr Teodora Tihomirova will be giving free fertility consultations to patients visiting Kinderwunsch Tagen. In order to apply for a free consultation, please send an enquiry, viber/whatsapp +359 889340686.

Nadezhda is the most successful and innovative fertility clinic in Bulgaria. It treats patients with complex cases of infertility, including advanced maternal age and reduced ovarian reserve, poor egg quality, recurrent impantation failures, recurrent miscarriages, male factor.

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